RISC OS GUI resources for Python


I have been experimenting with creating a GUI (graphical user interface) on RISC OS for quite a while now, and felt that it was about time that I shared the classes that I've written in Python that deal with windows, objects, menus, etc.

New versions of the GUI classes are available which allow objects to be shared between windows and rendered at various sizes depending on the scale factors for a particular window. There are a couple of screenshots showing some examples of object scaling in multiple windows.


I have packaged the relevant files, some example programs and documentation into a zip archive:

gui-21122001e.zip (38614 bytes).

Note: Please also consider downloading replacements for the app.py library and the www.py example script:

gui-21122001e-fix.zip (51483 bytes).


Documentation covering the main library, some useful objects and the example programs is also available online.


If you just want to see some pictures then look here or even here.

Older versions


The RISC OS client for Dietmar Schwertberger's PeerBoard, a multi-platform, networked framework for clipboard sharing, is based on these classes.

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David Boddie