Release: 16/10/2001


There are a few examples which illustrate various features of the GUI library. These are located in the Examples subdirectory; each directory containing a Python program and an Obey file. To be able to use these, the !Python application directory must have been seen by the Filer and you need to ensure that the app.py and appobjects.py files are available to Python. You can copy them to a directory listed in the Python$Path system variable, or add a new path to the variable.

To see the contents of the Python$Path variable, open a Task window and type

show Python$Path

The examples included are as follows:

[Picture of the DragTest demonstration]
Illustrates how to add dragging capabilities to an existing object class.
[Picture of the IconBar demonstration]
Puts an icon on the icon bar with a menu and a simple information window.
[Picture of the Menus demonstration]
Demonstrates menu creation and dynamic manipulation.
[Picture of the Nested demonstration]
Useful for testing the properties of nested windows.
[Picture of the Sprites demonstration]
Displays scaled sprites. Colour conversion should be robust, but there may still be "features" in the sprite handling functions.

David Boddie