David Boddie's RISC OS Projects


In 2005, to fulfil a promise to the system administrator at my old university department, I made a final backup of my computing account and removed all the data stored there except for a small placeholder Web page. A lot of the information there was related to RISC OS, some of it was out of date, but other parts may still be relevant or useful to some people.

RISC OS Projects

I moved the following projects here from my old Web site:

Mesa for RISC OS
The original port of Mesa for RISC OS for systems without hardware acceleration support. This project includes a software renderer for 8, 16 and 32 bits per pixel modes on machines with VIDC graphics hardware that run RISC OS 3.5 to 3.7.x. It may work with later versions of RISC OS on machines with compatible graphics hardware.
Note: I stopped developing this in 2001. Unless you are interested in developing it further, you should take a look at later ports of Mesa for more modern hardware.
A Python GUI library for RISC OS
In 2000 and 2001, I wrote a graphical user interface library for Python on RISC OS that aimed to handle many of the common features of applications on RISC OS, including window handling, icon management (including those used on the icon bar), sprite plotting, menu handling, drag and drop support, and WIMP event handling.
The bundled appobjects module added more complex user interface components, some of which took advantage of the library's support for shared and scalable user interfaces.

Contacting me

You can contact me using the following address: david@boddie.org.uk